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Obituary  – Ron Gollin

by Tony Setterington


Ron Gollin who was an early member of the BEC having joined from the Bridgwater Caving Club (Club No 103).

I first met Ron during Easter 1945. We were staying in Main's barn and I Don Coase and Pat Woodroffe. Although we were late to bed;  which meant burying ourselves in the hay, a group from Bridgwater arrived after us and piled in nearer the stairs. I got up the next morning and on the way down trod on Ron; he was not well pleased.

Ron was a graduate chemist and together with many others had been directed to work at the ROF in Puriton. He spent some time caving with the BCC and the BEC but was eventually released to work for Boots in Nottingham as a biochemist. From which he finally retired. During this time he frequently climbed in the Peak and in N. Wales. Once or twice a year the Boots CC would hire a coach and spend a bank holiday weekend at the Belfry when Ron could return to caving with the BEC. He was forced to give up active sports with a rheumatic ankle. Many years later, Ron's wife Sheila had to be placed in a care home and Ron was moved to another in Cheddar. He had a final pint, in The Hunters on Easter Monday this year and died the following day.

Ron is remembered as a good and kindly man who will be seriously missed and well remembered.

A Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Ronald Arthur Gollin 29th May 1916 - 31st May 2011Monday 13th June 2011