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Ghar Parau Foundation

(UK Registered Charity no. 267828-1)

Funding British Cave Exploration and Cave Science

We need your support!

The Ghar Parau Foundaton is a Charity that manages an investment fund to provide grant aid to assist caving expeditions from Britain to all parts of the world. The fund focuses on those expeditions which include an element of innovative exploration or scientific study. We are also particularly keen to encourage young cavers into expedition caving (as well as sport caving) to maintain an active caving community in years to come. 

The charity itself works by investing the capital within the fund and distributing the interest in the form of grants to caving expeditions who apply and fit the foundations criteria. As a result the fund only grows by direct donations, bequests or fund raising activities. Over last twenty years, the fund has not increased in capital value to any appreciable extent, which in real terms less money is available to distribute to caving expeditions.

As part of a new drive to increase the fund, a set of 10 high quality blank A5 colour gift cards with envelopes (shown opposite in black and white) have been produced to sell to raise money for the foundation. We are selling them for £8 per pack (0.80p per card) which we think is good value. The profits from the sale of these cards, goes solely to the Ghar Parau Foundation.

Please BUY them and support the Ghar Parau Foundation, and help support our British Caving Expeditions and our younger generation of cavers.

To order or of more information about donations, gift aid, etc, contact:

Madphil Rowsell 07929 572 177

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank you for supporting the Ghar Parau Foundation