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Andrew Peter Glanvill was born in Chard on the 2nd. January 1951 to somewhat surprised parents. Although his father was a doctor, to date he had not had much experience of procreation or child birth as everyone in Chard was related and births occurred in fields, under hay carts or on the pub floor. Still Andrew, who from now on wishes to be called Peter, arrived with out much effort. To the delight of the local population, he brought the chance of a small new gene pool into the town. (His mother was from Ilkley). Over the next few years he trained to be a doctor and joined his father in the practice in Chard dealing with the various complicated ailments associated with in-breeding!

Time passed and suddenly we arrived at 2011 the year of his 60th birthday and his retirement. We really wanted to do something special for him and as he had celebrated his 55th. birthday in GB and his father had also had birthday celebrations underground. Pete said he would like to do a trip with some friends and some champagne to celebrate. So Angie his wife, an absolute angel with the patience of a saint (Peter can be difficult) and I set out to arrange a birthday he would not forget. Despite always taking his camera with him everywhere, both underground and above, there were still many friends who were happy to join him in celebration.

We therefore arranged a stretched pink limo with (no expense spared) two bottles of 5% fizzy stuff to transport him to Priddy Green along with Angie and Philippa and Sally his daughters plus Pete “Grumpy” Rose. They all wore their psychedelic furry suits on the journey up from Chard. 

We had decorated the Old Grotto in Swildon’s with pink balloons that had LED lights in them and Alison Moody had made a cake with a camera on it! Better champagne was also waiting. In all around forty cavers turned out to celebrate. Pete as usual had a camera and video recorder to record the event!

Pete , very happy birthday and we look forward to many many more. You are a true caving character!

Martin Grass. 3/2/11.

Photo's: surface; Phil Romford 

underground; Nick Chipchase