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!They Words!

This project will present a 'caving' song in each issue. There is a strong desire for our younger membership to learn the songs that were regularly sung in years past. We will start with the more popular ones, most of which include liberal use of Anglo Saxon! So be warned dear Belfryite. Ed

If we are able to get some good sessions going, it would be good to video record them, with sound of course. We may then publish them on YouTube and perhaps, on the club web site. Any thoughts on this would be welcome. Ed

The following song is from Roger Biddle, to whom I give grateful thanks:


Sung to the tune of Lilli Marlene I have always thought that this song might be the lament of a wife or girl friend left on the surface by herself when the caver goes underground and then ignored when he emerges!

Underneath the Forty, memories so clear,
Darling I remember the way you used to swear,
And as you murmured tenderly,
I'm blowed if I can justify,
The reason you go caving,
And why you're always there.

Wedged beneath a boulder, only got one layer,
Suddenly a rending the sacrum is laid bare,
Then as you thought you'd breathed your last,
The other bxxxxxxs cleared out fast,
And left you all the tackle,
Your blessings filled the air.

Safe behind a beer mug, warm and dry and fed,
Tales of caving prowess they go right to your head,
Then as you shoot your longest line,
Your lying swine, I can define,
The reason you go caving,
And why your always there.