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Happy New Year to all our members. I wish to introduce myself as your new Editor. There are a number of changes in how editorial is presented; news items, calendar items, short digging news etc. will now be published in a separate monthly newsletter – Estelle Sandford is now doing this. I will be concentrating on full articles for this journal and other material too big for the newsletter. The point being that club internal affairs are not broadcast to the World. Having a polished journal could mean potential sales, thus raising revenue for the club.

This issue has a broad range of articles: local digging, philosophy, a practice rescue and foreign trips. Something I would like to see is a retrospective in each issue to show our younger membership what was done before they joined. There is now a letters page; please use it and, there's a page for a bit of humour – The Tale Piece. 


Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor

May I compliment Andy Mac-Gregor on the excellent job he did on a Statistical History of the BEC (1943 to 2005)?  I’m guessing it took him ages but, in my humble opinion, was well worth the effort.  Well done!  However, may I make (pedantically) a couple of minor corrections/additions?

From memory, with reference to the position of Honorary Treasurer I had the honour of this position from the AGM in Oct 1989 through to Oct 2000 rather than the dates given.  Mike Wilson could clarify this very easily by checking the Accounts Book.

When I stood down as Treasurer, Barry Wilton also stood down as Auditor and I took over that position from him in Oct 2000.  I have held that position continuously through to the current day so giving me an unbroken record of more than 20 years of service as Treasurer and Auditor.  I’m told that this is BEC record i.e. everything done to excess …but is it?

Andy is correct that the AGM was not recorded in the BB in the late 1990s and early 2000s but the AGM minutes were then published and kept as a separate file in the Library.  I am assuming that this folder/file still exists.

Keep on caving!


Reply form Andy Macgregor:

All I had to go on was the BB's, so any other source of information is welcome.

Not a record of continuous service.  Bob Bagshaw was Treasurer for 22 years.  Three more years and he will have the record.

If you find any other errors, could you let me know please.