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Belfry Access System

In 1969 the old Belfry burnt down (see BB 259) and the current Belfry was built over the next couple of years. In December 1971 new locks were installed and keys started to be issued. Since then we’ve had over 650 members join the Club and hundreds of keys issued.

Besides the fact that the keys are expensive and difficult to get cut there was also very little control over who actually had a copy.

A decision was made earlier this year to replace the locks and it was decided to go for an intelligent electronic key system.  One of the benefits of the BEC is that our members have knowledge and expertise in a wide range of professions. Stu Gardiner was able to advise us on cost effective and highly reliable solution that is used in a large number of commercial buildings.

The chosen solution is from Paxton Access who specialize in the manufacture of access control systems. Access control provides security by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter Belfry and when. 

Each door has a controller which is connected a lock, key reader and exit button.  The controllers are interlinked and are programmed by management software that is connected via a TPCIP interface.

Over a period of a few months the required hardware was sourced via eBay by Henry Bennett. A computer was donated to the club by Hannah Bell to run the management software and this is located in the library. Stu Gardiner installed the door controls and we tested it on the library for a few weeks.

The management software running on the computer enables us to control exactly who has access to the Belfry. Since each key is individually controlled we can disable it when a member lapses. Similarly if a guest key is lost then we just disable it.

The system is completely backed up by a standby battery system so in the event of a power cut it will still be operational.

Henry Bennett