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New French Caving Shop

Ever wondered how you get a job designing new gear for Petzl? A team of crack French designers have setup by themselves and are now selling an eclectic range of caving devices online at 

This first full catalog (and only) of virtual caving equipment is perfectly inappropriate and totally incompatible with daily practice. Why deprive ourselves of superfluous kit in our favourite activity, when most of the things we buy every day already do almost nothing? Think about what you could not do with these aberrant devices, our devices are strange and crazy with no real utility.

Latex helmet

No more problems of adjustment, which becomes dirty knobs, caps of moldy and never the right size. This revolutionary model, tested individually, comes in several flavours: chocolate, vanilla, honey, papaya, guava, banana and of course bat guano!

Shell coated with lubricant to facilitate the passage of narrow.

Finally a helmet that you will like a glove ...

€ 69.00 (per box of 24) 

Super Elastic Survey Tape

Who among us has not been disappointed one time or another, realizing that the wells that the sound is measured 50 meters, after clearing, a mere projection of 6.  How sad, what blow to morale for the thrill! Here is a device that will change your life.

This consists of a retractor which is mounted an elastic square super-resistant black. How does it work?

You want your well is a P 50. Pull down two or three lengths of elastic, block by block dérouleur incorporated. Enter the white marker and write 50 on the elastic. You can start topo your colleague takes the tip of lower decameter R6, you move the coil of decameter to the top and let the elastic stretch. Read then the specified height: 50 m.You're a superb P50 noted in your notebook or exits the club!... QED ...

CAUTION: Do not drop the coil of decameter after reading: risk of serious injury to your teammate!

€ 34.00 decameter in the square black elastic super durable.

8.00 € marker for white elastic, washable.

Carabiner special node Mickey

With its dual symmetric gates, it will allow you longer on the two loops of Mickey node at a time and distribute the tension in a balanced way on both sides.

How come we not have thought of that before?

NB: Please read the instruction manual before use to avoid opening two fingers of the hook at the same time.

18.00 € sold complete

Spare parts: 11.00 € up, € 14.00 down with your fingers.


Harnesse for Siamese cavers

BB532 20


Do you have a Siamese brother or sister? Are you are passionate for the exploration of potholes?

This harness is for you, no need to cobble together two different harnesses which may decrease the safety of all, finally the solution to all your problems underground exploration!

Harness for Siamese triplets on request.

Model € 85.00 double, ask for a quotation for other models.


Acetylene lamp LED

Finally the advantages of LEDs (autonomy, simplicity of implementation, reliability) and acetylene (diffuse light, heat) combined in a single device.

The top fans to reconcile the two types of lighting.

The manufacturer refuses to disclose the unique process of making electricity from the acetylene gas which is obviously top-secret!

€999.99 (delivered without fuel, water, batteries, without fixing a helmet, without fixing belt, guaranteed 20 years or 2 outputs groundwater).



Perforated Drums

Canyon, you are probably already happened to find your water bottle filled with water tight, in case of defective O-ring or cover badly screwed.

In order not to unnecessarily increase the bag, the bottle allows automatic removal of accumulated water.

 Indissociable kit perforated canyon, this is the solution to all your problems of wear or dizzy.

Optional accessory: waterproof bag to place inside the perforated drum, for those who really want to stay dry.

from € 8.00 to 3.5 liters and 40.00 € in 28 liters of € 12.00 to € 54.00 the inner bag.