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BEC April Working Weekend 2009.

Luckily for all of us the weekend weather turned out to be fine and dry, there was a long list of jobs to be done and Henry Dawson had posted the work on the notice board. A big tidy up in the car park area was high on the list, and thanks to Martin Grass and Zot a trailer was loaded up and hauled down to the tip. A good turnout of members [including Kangy King] meant that there as a good chance that all the vital work would be done in 2 days.

Hannah has already set the trend by cleaning the walls in the upstairs new room, and Henry had put a vent in to aid circulation. Faye concentrated on the tackle store and also emptied the old inner sanctum, [she kept finding unknown antique items in dark corners] which was fun .We have yet to find the snowshoes belonging to Blitz.

We now have a better overview regarding ladder-making kit etc.

A huge wall cleaning effort was put in on the main room [ not an easy job!!] and then the walls were painted by an assortment of people accompanied by the sound of music, Wormster Rich and Ruth [the 2 r’s] and several young members of the club. Many thanks to all of you.!!

The Rope Washer has been refurbished by Slug and the Belsen shower area is in the process of being converted into an inside rope washing area. A big improvement, no excuse for not cleaning the ropes. We are anticipating a supply of new ropes soonest. Faye will sort those out in due course.

Entertainment was supplied by Wormster’s 2 children who proceeded to paddle in the washing pond and then have mud-slinging fights with each other, finally finishing up resembling Baby Hippos. Meanwhile on Saturday afternoon Ben the digger kindly loaned his JCB to us [in return for a few favours!!] so myself and my trusty Banksman Tony Audsley started digging the drainage trench and soakaway, in true BEC style it became the Time Team dig!! We had only 3 days to complete the task!! Tony turned out to have a good eye for anything that resembled treasure in the trench, we unearthed a pre roman axe head and Boadicea’s bedstead, plus several shards of iron age metal which we decided could be possibly ritual [or just junk!!!!!!!!!]. A magnificent parabola was cut to the prescribed depth and fall, followed by a deep soakaway.

When questioned closely by Mendip Knowall re the curve I told them that the 1972 GPS system in the JCB had failed!!!!!!!!!  Dany kindly measured the fall for us and the land drainpipe was duly laid in the trench with gravel. We can now grade and gravel the car park at a later date. 

Saturday finished up with a slide show provided by Faye the subjects were really interesting ie Lava Caves in Hawaii and caving in Brazil.

Food by Slug and Beer by Rob rounded off the day.

Ps Apparently Faye is an important English Caving Journalist,!! and as such can command great respect and assistance whilst on international expeditions, thereby increasing the tourist potential of Any Region in the World she chooses to visit.

I must try this ploy the next time I visit Australia.

The old club spirit has risen like a Phoenix from the ashes of the foot and mouth era.

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