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Jrat’s Song

I’ll sing you a song of a caver I know
Who spends all his time in the dark down below
Though he never worries he does have one fear
That he’s late for the pub and dips out on his beer

Now Jrat liked digging and enjoyed a good thrutch
So he tried Nettle Hole and then joined foot and crutch
With a roar of delight he gave three mighty cheers
Then went off to the pub just to sink a few beers

He broke through in Tyning’s past porridge like clay
It got bigger and better till he called it a day
Then in his landrover, he knew where to steer
‘Twas back to the Hunters and a few pints of beer

Now Wigmore was slow, the spoil built a good wall
It seemed that we never would break through at all
But he kept on going and dug there for years
And when he broke through well he had a few beers

With Fred down in Cowsh he crawled into shit
But found it was cleaner across in White Pit
Though at Priddy Green Sink he got in Swildon’s rear
And came out the front entrance in time for a beer

There was Stockhouse, Five Buddles and a Rose on the brink
But the pride of them all was in Hunters Lodge Sink
Where he found bones of Bison and female reindeer
And its rumoured the sump there was filled with stale beer

Now up north in August he dug Rana shaft
He knew that beneath him was a wonderful draught
He’d searched for Belhaven for eleven long years
And the cave that he found was as good as the beer

From the Dachstein to Mexico, down to Peru
Or in Meghalaya he’s sure to break through
You surely will know him if you’ve worn caving gear
So let’s join our mate Jrat and have a few beers
Snab. 2008  Tune: Pub With No Beer