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Caves on 45.

This little gem care of Pete Rose:

Born 4th Oct 1929 Leroy Van Dyke is known as the world’s most famous auctioneer – according to him that is. He even recorded a song called the Auctioneer and anyone interested in hearing this er…gem should visit his website, if you have nothing better to do, where you can learn all about this Country and Western star who has recorded over 500 songs in his career. Yer Ed.


The car not in its place out back
The suitcase missing from the rack
The note that says you wont be back
I feel my world caving in

The bed that showed you had not slept
The empty can where cash was kept
The empty room where the children slept
 I feel my world caving in

 My heart is breaking with the dawn
I should have left her alone
and come on home
I feel my world caving in

The dresser drawers hanging open wide
That held the babies clothes inside
It’s just as if everyone had died
I feel my world caving in

Repeat 3
Repeat 4
I feel my world caving in