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West Mendip Round Up

By Nicks Harding and Richards

Return to Hatley Rocks

When last we dug here two years have since lapsed – how time flies, Egad! Anyway feeling a bit cheesed off with the Hutton dig – change is a good as a rest n’ all that both Richards and Yer Ed returned to the tunnels we had emptied on the north side of Worlebury Hill and below the golf course. With the central tunnel ending in a narrow squeeze that led up into a small natural chamber too awkward to negotiate and more importantly a dead end (never say never mind) we decided to remove the backfill and choke that separated this tunnel and the higher entrance.
Much of the fill here is leaf mulch broken down to a sticky thick mud in which golf balls and other bits and pieces of that silly game are embedded – a kind of golf ball conglomerate. The floor has been found at the junction – the hope was it would descend, but it didn’t – and the blockage removed and dumped in the tunnel down to the squeeze. Some three years back we had drain-rodded the upper tunnel at this junction and found that the rods went 27 feet into the hill. We have reached bedrock and a boulder fill with a passage wide enough to get through.  
A reasonable session of boulder shifting had us looking down a passage still quite choked. The trouble now of course is the lack of suitable dumping space to continue.

Upper Canada Cave.

After two sessions with the bang in the second vertical shaft, laid and supervised by Adrian and Jude Van Der Plank and Aubrey Newport, we have found ourselves looking up the throat of a vertical passage to what looks like further boulder fill, although there does seem to be to some indications of continuation. 

  Looking up…

The dark patch just below the suspended boulder may very well be passage roof. Watch this…blocked…space for further updates.