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Wessex Challenge

At the end of May the Wessex Challenge was dragged kicking and screaming out of a long slumber. Memories of the days when the BEC had two teams (one to race and one to run interference) were retold over foaming tankards and the club’s men braced themselves.

Meanwhile the BEC girls got their act together and decorated a fine chariot built by Ivan, Ben and Henry B.  Duncan Butler donned a bra to join Hells Brooke, Hells Warren, Olivia Dawson, Ruth Allan and Hannah Bell. As the Race Commentator blew his whistle the field was quickly moving away with Dick Dastardly and Co speeding across the grass on their big wheels.

Meanwhile our girls bravely slogged it out while cursing the sleds on the trolley. (I wasn’t keen to cut them off as I need to get my booze into Glasto on it). After the race the MCR had a fund raising BBQ and stomp. In true BEC style the party continued on into the night at the Belfry.

The Cerberus team won