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Pete Rose, Pete Glanvill and Nick Chipchase's 40 Year Celebrations


10th July ...... The trio celebrate the last views of the forty-foot pot in Swildons with a photo shoot at the bottom of the forty. They will be wearing their old wet suits, but will not guarantee the zips doing up!(nde) .They will panic during this  and bolt for the entrance. ref Mendip caver Vol 4 no.5.,B.B. 1998(Vol 50,no.5)

24th July . Discovery of Dairyhouse Slocker streamway by Pete R and Nick


15th June.........Nick C, Pete R and M. Hayes visit Dairyhouse Slocker. Upon exit, crawling under a long coffin shaped boulder Nick C kicked the said boulder. A large rumble was heard from the shakehole and Dairyhouse remains sealed to this day. (nde). We shall scatter fake ashes in the shakehole (environmentally safe of course).


14th December........ NEDFROB day. Nick C, I. Lake, Pete R.  Pete R discovers that short fuses do not allow time to get out of the cave. In a frantic dive out of the first chamber Pete felt rubble on his legs and crawled out in smoke to an amused audience. We may call in Downside to bless the cave. (nde)


22nd Sept......diving of the sump in St.Dunstans by Michael Glanvill, watched by C. Corbett, Pete G., Nick C  and Pete R . A 6-hour trip ferrying in and out gear. Most of us would not get there now so we scrap that...perhaps a ceremonial rolling of a dive cylinder into the entrance?


19th March....... Pete R., Ted Popham, John Keat, G. Price and Nick complete the Fairy-Hilliers link. If possible we could have a shaking of hands through the link from both directions (may need a push)


March ........ Pete and Nick celebrate a breakthrough in their W/L Dig. Hoping that the W/L survey was up to it. The vast blank space to the south of the cave should have seen lots of passage. We retired to clear the fumes outside, only to see Eric Catherine's party emerge from Shatter Cave complaining of noise and smoke. We had in fact been 90 degrees out and the passage emerged in an alcove in the second chamber. A little collector’s item for a squeeze

We have more celebrations we could plan for, including N.H.A.S.A. Gallery (lads it really does go), Green Lake Grotto, Jonathan's Chamber. Ask Nick what a nedfrob is! nde  is a near death experience. We might not make these celebrations ...two have already passed away (John Keat and Michael Glanvill)

Pete Rose, with logbook references from all 3.