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Cover Photo:     Deanne Wilkins in Baradla Barlang, Hungary - photo by Emma Porter

Ave Cavers!

Welcome to the new issue of the BB.

First off, apologies for the lateness of this issue. This was due to a heavy writing workload that had to be shifted out of the way and a thumb injury but not one, I’m sad to say, related to beer or caving adventures. Although maybe I should have lied and claimed as such. Anyway, excuses done with.

First thing you’ll notice is a change in format. This has been done to save on printing costs. In essence we’re packing the same amount in but in less pages but I would appreciate feedback to see if the new style meets with everyone’s approval. Negative and positive welcome of course.  I think though, that essentially, if we’re saving on printing costs then that’s no bad thing.  It’s the contents that count after all! 

As ever I’m on the look out for articles for the next BB due out in the autumn.

Yer Ed.

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Hon. Secretary: Nigel Taylor (772)
Hon. Treasurer: Mike Wilson (1130)
Membership Secretary: Henry Bennett (1079)
Caving Secretary: Toby Maddocks (1310)
Hut Warden Hannah Bell (1295)
Tacklemaster: Bob Smith (1203)
Hut Engineer Henry Dawson (1313)
Bulletin Editor: Nick Harding (1289)
Floating Fiona Crozier (1305), Phil “MadPhil” Rowsell (1275)

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Club Archivist Sue Dukes

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Martin Grass (790), Phil Romford (985), Nigel Taylor (772) and Mike Wilson (1130)