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Committee Members

Hon. Secretary: Nigel Taylor (772)
Hon. Treasurer: Mike Wilson (1130)
Membership Secretary: Henry Bennett (1079)
Caving Secretary: Toby Maddocks (1310)
Hut Warden Jane Clarke (983)
Tacklemaster: Bob Smith (1203)
Hut Engineer Henry Dawson (1313)
Bulletin Editor: Nick Harding (1289)
Floating Fiona Crozier (1305), Phil “MadPhil” Rowsell (1275)

Non-Committee Posts
BEC Web Page Editor: Henry Bennett (1079)
Librarian: Phil “MadPhil” Rowsell (1275)
Auditor Chris Smart
Club Archivist Sue Dukes

Club Trustees:
Martin Grass (790), Phil Romford (985), Nigel Taylor (772) and Mike Wilson (1130)

Cover Photo:    Exit to Peilklieng Pouk, Meghalaya, India. Taken by Henry Dawson who assures me that the entrance is around 70m high.

The Belfry Bulletin is the official journal of the Bristol Exploration Club.  It is available to distribution via printed media, html or pdf. The BEC website offers the full archive of every single BB every published. The last years BBs are only available online to subscribed members of the club.

Ave Cavers!

Welcome to a packed issue of the BB.

Well firstly I would like to thank everyone who, through their prestigious use of tactical voting kept me in the position of BB editor. Once again I offer my apologies to the committee for not attending the 2007 AGM due in part to circumstances beyond my control. 

I must pause here to thank the BB editorial team i.e. Jrat and Henry B for polishing up this (e)steamed organ before it goes to press. Their skill enables most of my mistakes to be ironed out making me look better than I am… 

Although some do slip by, namely:

Master Audsley has asked me to point out to fellow followers of the bat that there is an error in BB528 in the Caine Hill article, I quote, ‘the photo of a bod at the bottom of the shaft is named as Dudley Herbert, it should be Mike Thompson.’

The editorial team have been delicately chastised, six of the best trousers down. Me included.

Lastly, here’s wishing everyone a splendidly fine Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yer Ed.

Look out! It’s…. The Committee

To bring everyone up to speed here’s how the new committee looks.

Hon Secretary                           Nigel Taylor
Treasurer                                   Mike Wilson
Caving Secretary                      Toby Maddocks
Tacklemaster                            Bob Smith
Hut Warden                               Jane Clarke
Hut Engineer                             Henry Dawson (see below)
Editor                                          Nick Harding
Membership Secretary            Henry Bennett
Floating                                      Fiona Crozier,
                                                    MadPhil Rowsell,

Non-committee posts:

Librarian                                    MadPhil Rowsell
Hon. Auditor                             Chris Smart
Club Archivist                           Sue Dukes

The Hut Engineer will be Henry Dawson but due to the mechanisms of the constitution we could only appoint an existing committee member. Toby Maddocks was placed here but will not function in this role.