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From the Belfry Table

Well greetings again from the Belfry Table!  Much is happening, both underground and atop the Hill.

It was a particularly sad start to the year with the passing of Harry Stanbury, Barrie Wilton and Dave Irwin, amongst several other long standing members.

Also though not members, but close friends of many in the B.E.C, Roger DorsÙ brother in law and ValÙs husband Phil, and Nigel Fraynes mother, Di Frayne. Both were particularly friendly people whose time had come all too early, and we extend the ClubÙs sympathies to their respective families.

There have also been a spate of both marriages and births amongst the younger members and this serves to demonstrate lifeÙs rich cycle – “Bobble” to Bob Whites daughter Roz “Rose” White, and a child to Rosie and Vern Freeman.

The event planned for HarryÙs Tree Planting was postponed due to planning problems and this will be held later in the year, probably in the Autumn, as will a retirement “Do” to mark the retirement as MRO Wardens of Tony Jarratt and Alan Butcher after many years of stalwart service!

Dave Irwin will be remembered again in the Autumn,  - though the date is yet to be confirmed, by way of a “Stomp” in memory of the Wig, which will follow on after an earlier in the day event - when a plaque erecting ceremony in St.Cuthberts will be held. It is intended that a memorial stone will be added in memory of all the incredible work Dave had undertaken in St.CuthbertÙs during his lifetime and the end result of his production of the impressive survey of the system. Further details will follow as arrangements are set in place.

Tony Jarratt et al are well at work on their “Caine Hill” Dig atop the Batch in Priddy. My informants advise that he has unearthed about a pound and a half slab of pure galena recently ….!

The MRO/ St CuthbertÙs Mock Rescue was held on Saturday 23rd.June and common consensus was that it was deemed a great success with various techniques being applied and tested in various regions of the cave. Many BEC members took part, and hopefully much useful experience was gained by younger members.

Mike Wilson and co, held a very successful weekend in the Forest of Dean, and a wide cross section of members attended with varied activities undertaken.

COMMITTEE 2008: Have you thought of playing a part in your Club? This is the first call to encourage anyone interested, to think of standing, to speak to me or any Committee member and make their presence felt, though traditionally as Secretary, I should call for nominations in August, the frequency of the BB might not match this date, so PLEASE… act soon if you are interested. All you need is to nominate yourself and be seconded by a ratified (full) member in writing and send it to the Hon. Secretary.

OFFICERS REPORTS are also now called for, in order that they can be published in time prior to the AGM, on Saturday 6th. October 2007.

The ANNUAL DINNER will be again at the Bath Arms, 7.30 for 8.00, Saturday 6th. October, MAKE A NOTE NOW!!!

Bob Smith is soon to build a “clay oven” at the Belfry, so if we are not careful, it may be the Shepton for T, the BEC for pizza and the WCC can still 4 coffee!!.

Time to get down from the Table!,     Have a Good Summer,

Nigel T,
Hon. Secretary, 24th. June 2007