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Website and mailing list updates

Henry Bennett

Since the last BB was published, a private email mailing list has been set up. So what the heck is a mailing list? In short it is a tool for broadcasting a single email to every member of the club who we have an email address for. Any mail sent to the list from a certified address will be sent to all club members with BCA active caving insurance directly and via digest to other members. Since it is a private list it is not possible for spammers to abuse.

IÙve implemented this to empower all members of the club to communicate more effectively.  Previously to broadcast a notice of an upcoming event meant doing it before the BB went to print. This has meant that in the past many members were not aware of events as it didnÙt appear on their radar.

IÙve also implemented tools to enable you to update your personal details online, in case you have moved house. This has been as part of an effort to consolidate membership records and any payments you have made. For those of you with concerns about the Data Protection Act, donÙt worry, we are fully compliant.

Bob Smith has moved the weather station from the Belfry roof to the Wessex where it is now accessible online via the web. Want to know how much rain has fallen before you plan a trip down West End? Simply look up weather on or go direct to