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Ave Cavers!

As everyone will now know weÙve lost two more. Wig and Barrie W. 

Strange indeed. One moment youÙre talking to someone on the phone (or indeed sharing several pints) and the next theyÙve shuffled off this mortal coil.  I for one will miss the verbal dressing down after the publication of each BB.

Apologies to the loyal readers of this esteemed organ for the late arrival of said journal. This is due in part to the sad departure of the Wig whose second part of the history of the BEC will have to remain unfinished (as far as I know) until such time as someone else is willing to become club historian. This lengthy screed would have taken up a large chunk of this BB. This meant I had to round up some more dispatches from around the caving globe. There were also some personal writing projects that also fell in the way (deadlines and all that). But anyway, itÙs here now.

Well as per usual an error slipped through. On the cover of 527 I made Harry Stanbury 10 years older than he was. So, mea culpa and six of the best trousers down for your editor who was not tired and emotional at the time – no sir… 

The cover photo shows Jrat in probably the best fluffy anyone has ever seen. If you get the chance see the original colour image – itÙs bright enough to startle blind spinsters. 

Nick Harding

BEC Summer of Excess 2007

11th – 12th August – BEC BBQ (Mendip)
Getty messy on Mendip at the annual BBQ complete with disco!

25th – 27th – August – Yorkshire long weekend @ YSS
3 days of top class caving, BBQÙs in the summer evenings and drinking in the Helwith Bridge. Contact Chris Jewell to book places.

22nd – 23rd Sept – Hidden Earth@Tewksbury – Summer Excess reunion!!
Listen to tales of expedition caving during the day and party the night away at the national caving conference.

6th October – BEC AGM and Annual Dinner