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Harry ‘ NO: 1’ Stanbury 1906 – 2006

Committee Members

Hon. Secretary: Nigel Taylor (772)
Hon. Treasurer: Mike Wilson (1130)
Membership Secretary: Henry Bennett (1079)
Caving Secretary: Toby Maddocks (1310)
Hut Warden: Jane Clarke (983)
Tackle Officer: Chris Jewell (1302)

Non-Committee Posts
Bulletin Editor: Nick Harding (1289)
BEC Web Page Editor: Henry Bennett (1079)
Librarian: Nick Richards (1290)

Club Trustees:
Martin Grass (790), Dave Irwin (540), Nigel Taylor (772) and Barrie Wilton (559)

Ave Cavers!

As they don’t say in France, ‘Happy New Year’.

Ah a new year full of cave shaped possibilities.

But I must start on a sad note by mentioning the death of Harry Stanbury. With his passing the BEC has lost its founding father. I never met ‘No 1’, a regret I will have for the rest of my days but his influence will live on, not least in the form of the Belfry Bulletin, which he also helped to create. At times like this, it is a signal honour to be holding the post of Editor. 


Just to show that the fame of the BEC spreads ever further I included a mention of our esteemed club in the final paragraph of an article I penned for the Daily Express (Egad! I know – I won’t make a habit of it, I promise but they pay well) in December last year as a bit of publicity for my latest tome – in which, I should say, the BEC gets a mention or two as well. 


Daily Express, December 18th 2006

I’ve been led to believe that the paper is ‘read’ by 900,000 a day – so that’s nearly a million more people have heard of us now. The editor of that rag even went to look up who we were on the Web.  If there were a yearly barrel for fame then we’d win hands down!