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BEC Hut Wardens Report 2005-06

The takings are down this year by £98.00, which I suppose is not too bad considering there appears to be a lack of activity on Mendip.

The major expense this year was £120.00 for a skip for one of the working weekends.

Also Gas costs were around £48.00.

I have not been around as much this year, due to the fact that I am no longer living on Mendip and so unfortunately the general state and cleanliness of the hut seems to have suffered as a result. I am hoping that someone will volunteer to take on the job for the next year and so I will be able to retire.

Roger Haskett
Hut Warden

For Your Diary

November 18TH 2006: Slideshow At The Belfry.

Mad Phil will be hosting a slideshow entitled The Last Five Years of Dachstein Exploration.

Venue: The Belfry. Food available (a ha’peth of chips and some Tizer probably).

Be there or have a bloody good excuse!