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Agenda For The 2006 Annual General Meeting

To be held at 10.30 am, Saturday 7th.October 2006,at  "The Belfry".

1.       Collection of outstanding Ballot forms (IF AN ELECTION HAS BEEN CALLED).

2.       Election of the AGM Chairman.

3.       Election of Three Tellers. (IF AN ELECTION HAS BEEN CALLED)

4.       Apologies for Absence.

5.       Minutes of the 2005Annual General Meeting.

6.       Matters arising from the 2005 AGM.

7.       Hon. Secretary's Report.

8.       Hon. Treasurers Report.

9.       Hon. Auditors Report.

10.     Caving Secretary's Report.

11.     Membership Secretary's Report.

12.     Hut Wardens Report.

13.     Hut Engineers Report.

14.     Tackle-masters Report.

15.     B.B Editors Report.

16.     Librarians Report.

17.     Ian Dear Memorial Fund Report.

18.     Report of the BEC Trustees 2006.

19.     Result of the Committee Ballot, (If an Election has been held).

20.     Election of Officer's for the 2006 / 2007 Committee.

21.     Destruction of Ballot forms, (If an election has been held).

22.     MembersÂ’ Resolutions.

23.     Details regarding the Annual Dinner Tonight.

24.     Any other Business.

25.     Date of the 2007 AGM: Saturday 6th. October 2007

Nigel Taylor,
Hon. Secretary 2005 / 2006.