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Hollow Hills

In the last edition I made mention of the point about having just 3 BB’s a year this was a suggestion only and I must emphasise was not meant to be taken as the new Editor’s policy. I threw it out there for feedback. There has also been some debate about club news and its appearance in the BB and that news is only forthcoming when the BB appears.  It has been suggested that club news is delivered as an email-shot or as pages on the website only accessible by club members. To those without email a copy can be sent through the post keeping postage costs down. Personally I am in favour of this method but I must emphasise that it is up to the club as a whole to make this decision.  But this is certainly a quicker way of keeping up with what’s happening!

Finally: Many thanks to the tutors on the EUG Bang weekend who put some of us through our first exam paper in a hundred years!