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Committee Members

Hon. Secretary: Nigel Taylor (772)
Hon. Treasurer: Mike Wilson (1130)
Membership Secretary: Brenda Wilton (568)
Caving Secretary: Rob Lavington (1306)
Hut Warden / Hut Bookings: Roger Haskett (1234)
Tackle Officer: Tyrone Bevan (1276)

Non-Committee Posts
Bulletin Editor: Nick Harding (1289)
BEC Web Page Editor: Henry Bennett (1079)
Librarian: Graham Johnson (aka- Jake) (1111)

Club Trustees:
Martin Grass (790), Dave Irwin (540), Nigel Taylor (772) and Barrie Wilton (559)

Ave Cavers!

Fellow associates of the Ancient and Loyal Order of the Bat.

Due to the fact that trawling together an archive of images has proved to be a somewhat greater task to achieve all round than was at first assumed and with the AGM rolling swiftly into view, I have, after consultation with certain esteemed colleagues decided to rattle this out and then publish a photographic history of the BEC over forthcoming Bulletins.

Moving on:

There have been rumours floating about that yours truly was going to pack in the BB editor’s role. (Where do these rumours begin?) At present and for the foreseeable future this isn’t going to happen. Certain work related projects are destined to take me abroad (at an as yet unspecified date) but with the application of broadband and other modern brass- bound contrivances I can still go about my editorial duties undaunted. 

I must bend over and take six of the best trousers down for leaving Bertie off the cover of 525. Not intentional of course. As Jrat was quick to point out he was lurking in one of the caves on the cover. A fine display of legerdemain on that man’s behalf!

It is with great regret that I must inform fellow members that the digging barrel is under serious threat this year as 500 metres plus has been pushed at Upper Flood Swallet by certain members of a certain club.

The cover shows a Stalagmite of ice in the Beilstein Ice Cave in 1881.