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Hollow Hills

As mentioned in BB 524 the 500th edition of this esteemed journal is due later this year. In discussion with Wig the executive decision has been made that the best way to celebrate the occasion is to produce a photographic history of the BEC. 

Earlier in March of this year The Two Nicks and Jrat went to inspect a pit that had opened up on Sandford Hill after the heavy use of a land rover by a group of off-roaders. Their presence was requested by the owners of the Lyncombe Hotel and its environs who needed to know exactly what was happening in terms of the caves and mines situated therein. Their plan by the way, is to turn the area of Sandford Hill into an outdoor pursuits centre. When shown the openings of the pits known as Saville Row many faces turned a distinct shade of pale. Despite that there has been some suggestions that the pits and Sandford Levvy become part of the leisure activities introducing newcomers to the sport.   It will be interesting to see how all this pans out in the future in terms of access. It will also be interesting to see if this encourages new initiates to the sport of caving – actually for ‘sport’ read ‘passion’.  


‘ The underground world, the ‘eighth continent’ is one of the last great pieces of unfinished exploration…’

    The National Geographic, May 2005