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Greetings from a roasting summer on the Hill!!.

I will start with some advance warnings to you all this month about upcoming events, which hopefully this will reach you through the BB in plenty of time!

MIDSUMMER BARBEQUE: Chris Jewell and other younger members have plans well advanced for a BEC Barbecue on SATURDAY 19th .AUGUST 2006, Please support this event!!!!!!!!!

The AGM will be held at 10.30 am Saturday 7th .October 2006 at the Belfry.

NOMINATIONS FOR THE BEC COMMITTEE are hereby called for, you can nominate yourself but must be seconded by a ratified i.e. Full member, you should send this to the Hon.. Secretary by the 31st August in order that the Hon. Secretary can arrange for an election in due time.

THE B.E.C DINNER 2006, will be held again at the BATH ARMS Cheddar at 7.30 pm Saturday 7th .October, sadly places due to the venue size will be on a restricted number due to their fire regulations, so book early, the tickets will sell out early.

THE BELFRY EXTENSION is moving on slowly, though recent attempts to finish the roof are slightly hampered by the availability of volunteers’ free time.

COUNCIL TAX,  Excellent news here, and down to the good works of our Hon. Treasurer, Mendip District Council have awarded us 100% relief until the year 2010.

SPIN DRYER, younger members have been pressing for this item, it has now been obtained and is the Changing room, but PLEASE try to be economical, with the present warm weather,-users,  try not to waste expensive electricity!

THE BELFRY site will be appearing on a TV program on SKY entitled “Future Weapons” Scheduled for release next July (2007). A small film crew spent a couple of hours in the BEC “Garden” Where a demonstration of cutting Wooden Blocks with Explosives cords and water was filmed, and Dr. Sidney Alford interviewed on the method. Several amused BEC members in residence during the week took their own footage, and also later in a Farm in Priddy witnessed a Hostage rescue scenario being filmed. The Hon. Secretary did obtain a small financial donation to the Club for services rendered.

ROSE COTTAGE Dig continues apace, though nothing of great significance has occurred this week,…but soon???

I am sorry that this is a short article this month, but I am off to Oban in the next hour, and in order to meet deadlines…………

Regards to all…

Nigel Taylor Hon. Secretary.
Sunday 16th. July 2006