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Sandford Hill.

On the invite of the landowners of much of Sandford Hill (soon to be an adventure park), Tony J and the Two Nicks investigated two new shafts that had opened up – one by the vigorous use of a Landrover - and one from subsidence, (a third was also discovered but not investigated) on once heavily mined land now being considered as a 4x4 driving track. The shafts all possessed fine examples of ginged walls with large capping stones; the one that had opened up through subsidence had a fine and hefty example.

The various representatives of the landowners were also shown Saville Row shafts as well as the other holes up there whereupon colour swiftly drained from faces. To open this area to the public a great deal of work must be done to fence off these shafts for all the obvious reasons. It has been suggested that the various cave clubs in the area pool their knowledge as to the full extent of the shafts.

In terms of the Mendip Cave registry it should be ascertained as to whether the new shafts that opened up are genuinely new or are simply rediscoveries from earlier explorations by, for example the pupils of Sidcot School.