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Ave Cavers!

Well that wasn’t too bad. Yours truly’s first effort occupying the esteemed chair of editorship seemed to pass without major incident. But I hear cries of ‘just you wait’ somewhere off stage left…


Before I’m collared in the Hunter’s by a rugose soak: In BB 524, at the head of the Hutton article, there was the ‘Caves are where you find them’ quote attributed to Wig. Now it was a true quote from the fellow but as he was quick to inform me it was not a Wig original. In fact, and in the interests of honesty, truth and justice the cavers’ way, this expression was first used by Fred Davies.

Just a brief word on submitting articles via email. Wherever possible can the image files – i.e. photographs etc., be of a small size. In short any file more than a Meg is going to take yours truly hours to download, as he’s still operating a coal-fired computer from the age of steam. I promise to enter the 21st C as soon as the weather permits.

In this issue we have the welcome return, and indeed back by popular demand, some ‘funnies’. Having landed the editor’s position (prone and soaked with beer) through reckless pamphleteering I thought it fitting that the humour that landed yours truly with the job should be continued.


There is still some quiet debate about how many times the BB should come out a year. I, personally, am in favour of three fun packed ones a year, each a good fifty pages or so. This is not due to slackness on anyone’s behalf, most of all your Ed, but I think it’s better not to scrape around for articles for a BB every second month. But I am the servant of this esteemed organ and not its master so what do I know?

One last note. It’s looking increasingly likely that the next (anniversary) edition of the BB (526) will be a photographic history of the BEC so space may very well be limited for articles – in all likelihood these will be saved for the ‘527’.