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Secretary:                       Vince Simmonds
Treasurers:                     Mike and Hilary Wilson
Membership Secretary:    Fiona Sandford
Editor:                            Greg Brock
Caving Secretary:            Rob Lavington (aka - Bobble)

Non-Committee Posts

Tackle Master:                Tyrone Bevan
Hut Warden:                   Roger Haskett
Hut Engineer:                  Paul Brock
BEC Web Page Editor:    Estelle Sandford
Librarian:                        Graham Johnson
Hut Bookings:                 Fiona Sandford
Floating Member:            Bob Smith

Club Trustees

Martin Grass
Nigel Taylor


As we had two BB’s (No’s 519 & 520) in quick succession I waited a little bit longer before publishing this BB. 

It is good to see that this BB contains a number of quality articles with good pictures and high quality surveys.  Long may this continue as it carries a good reputation for the club.  A number of articles included within this BB are from people who haven’t written articles for quite some time.  I’m always grateful for articles from any BEC member so hopefully these articles will inspire some other members to get typing.

 ‘The Belfry Dig’ is well and Tony Jarratt has an article which will appear in the next BB.  This will include acknowledgements of all those involved in doing the fantastic job of placing the concrete pipes in the entrance.

Well done to Phil ‘Madphil’ Rowsell and everyone else involved who have made the breakthrough and done the first roundtrip trip in Eastwater from Morton’s Pot to Lambeth Walk. It should be noted that this is a serious and committing trip and advice should be sought from those involved in the connection before attempting to do the trip.  Madphil will write an article on his return from Tazmania, which will hopefully make the next BB.