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Hut Engineer Report Oct 2003 – Sept 2004

Due to everyone’s diligence, maintenance was kept to the odd light bulb or handle, for which your engineer is extremely grateful.  Special mention to Ivan and Jake who do so many jobs around the place.  

Although perhaps not such a high achieving year as 2003, progress has been made.  The new extension is plodding onwards.  Thanks to everyone who worked on it, made tea or shouted encouragement. 

Recognition to all who helped this year.

As for next year, I feel I should stand aside and let someone else take on the role of Hut Engineer. I would also like to thank Vince who always gives advice and support where it is needed.

John Walsh

Tackle Master Report Oct 2003 – Sept 2004

This year in line with directions from the floor at the last AGM we have purchased three ropes.

They consist of a 20mtr, 30mtr and 40mtr lengths and are kept in the store for use by members. We have also replaced the St Cuthbert’s ladder and belay with a commercially purchased ladder and belay.

The club has condemned a number of old ladders and they have currently been destroyed. The plan is to replace all the ladders removed from service and the current old ladders with new over the next 18 to 24 months.

The end of 2003 introduced a new style of club tee shirt and tie. A large number of members are seen wearing the shirts with pride at the Hunters but would be nice to see more.

With regards to the equipment remember the kit is for to use of members and if they require the kit or think of any new kit we need just contact myself or any other committee member.

Tyrone Bevan

Hut Warden Report Oct 2003 – Sept 2004

Members and visitors nights are slightly up on last year (figures at AGM).  Thanks to John Walsh and Ivan Sandford for keeping the hut running.

We seem to have a problem with the water heater; I hope to solve that before the AGM.

I would stress the importance of keeping the hut clean and tidy at all times.  As first impressions often count for prospective members, and regular visitors (we need the money).  There are no excuses.

Roger Haskett
BEC Hut Warden

Caving Secretary Report Oct 2003 – Sept 2004

The Caving Sec. offers his apologies to the club for being absent from Mendip for very nearly the entire year due to unexpected overseas work commitments, and so has had very little to do in the way of club business.

In consequence the Caving Sec. regrettably has nothing to report, other than making the observation that the insurance difficulties experienced at the beginning of the year, limited caving activity somewhat.

Lastly the Caving Sec. feels it would be more appropriate for another person to take on this post, one who is more certain of being regularly out and about on the hill.

Yours sincerely,
John ‘Tangent’ Williams