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Membership Secretary Report Oct 2003 – Sept 2004

BEC Membership Secretary’s Report for the Club Year
4 October 2003 to 1 October 2004

Membership Renewal

A principal responsibility of membership secretary is to hold an up to date record of member’s details. This has been my quest but it needs your co-operation.

To help you know what the club holds about you, each renewal form was personalised and contained your contact details (e.g. Name, address, telephone number(s), email, etc.). This gave you the opportunity to check your details, correct any errors or add additional information.

Included in the renewal form was a section for preferences. The purpose of the preference section in the renewal form was to select want you wanted to receive and reduce the work load. You could select by ticking the appropriate box to receive such items as a membership card, members address booklet (printed or electronic by email). Some of you failed completely and used a cross instead of a tick.

I must apologise for those that requested a Membership card as I have not been able to produce these this year due to a change in my circumstances which has affected the availability of resources.

Having an option to receive a printed version of the members address book reduced the number to be printed compared to the previous year by around fifty copies, obviously a saving.

In my continued quest of holding the correct information in the BEC member’s database I gave you a second opportunity to check and amend your contact details in your personal membership renewal acknowledgement letter.

I also asked all Life members to re-affirm their wish to receive Belfry Bulletins and correspondence for the club year. We do not want to send out correspondence to those that do not wish to receive it.

Generally I think this all worked quite well.

Members Updates

During the club year a few people made contact to inform of updates (e.g. changes of address and email) but I am sure this is not all of them. However, this was more than the previous year so may be you are becoming more organised.

I must stress it is essential that you keep the membership secretary up to date of any changes. For example, the address details are used in the distribution of the Belfry Bulletins and club correspondence.


There were a number of donations, in the main from the Life members, in the form of stamps and a total of £230 in money. Many thanks to those persons.

The Figures

92% of people, 107 out of 116 continuing paying members from 2002-03, renewed before the end of November and were eligible for the £5 discount off their membership fee. This compares with 101 for the previous year. So you are getting better, well done.

With the remaining 8%, one paid as late as May compared with February the previous year. Could do better.

Please pay promptly and before the end of November.

                                         Chart of Members Payment over the club year.

Just under twenty members declined to renew their membership. On the positive, a change from previous years with an increase in joint membership, ten out of eleven of last years probationers rejoined and are now full members, three members rejoined and we have eleven probationary members.

The paying membership has reduced by three and three Life members have been removed from the distribution list. Our total number of members is 160.






(to 2002/3)





















Sub Total




















Total Members





Membership Summary Table.

Figures correct as of 16 August 2004.

The following charts show the percentage of the membership class between the club years 2002-03 and 2003-04. It is clearly seen that the Single class percentage has decreased by 7% due to increases in both the Joint and Probationary classes.




I would like to thank Mike and Hilary Wilson for their support of some Membership tasks, such as collecting and depositing the subscription and insurance monies.

Furthermore, thanks must go out to Tony Jarratt for his encouragement of new members to the club and the re-joining of lapsed members.


I will be standing down from the role of BEC Membership Secretary and may I wish my successor well.

Sean Howe (16/08/2004)
BEC Membership Secretary 2002-04