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Treasurer Report Oct 2003 – Sept 2004

This Year has been financially very stable for the club, we continue to reap the benefits of zero rating which has allowed us to concentrate on improving other areas in the club.

The extension has cost us very little financially, due to the generous donations of materials and time by various club members.  I would like to thank all those concerned with the project.

As you all well know the committee had to make some pretty swift decisions regarding the club insurance situation.  My hope is that the membership will agree to run a two tier subs system this coming year, in line with the system we cobbled together during 2003/4.

I feel that the subs should include the new insurance cost for those who wish to be insured by the BEC plus a parallel rate of subs for those who do not wish to be insured by the club [for whatever reason].

The uninsured rate should be close to the current subs paid per annum.  Hopefully this system will prove to be fair to all club members.  Please note that all Cuthbert Leaders must be insured!!

I am happy to continue as treasurer for another year.

Mike Wilson.  

BB Editor Report June 2004 – Sept 2004

I will keep this report brief as I have only held this position for four months and have therefore not got much to say.

Firstly, I will thank Adrian Hole for all his work in producing the BB’s over the past couple of years.  Only when you have done the job as BB editor do you realise how much work goes on behind the scenes to produce the end result that you all see.

I have noticed while compiling the BB’s that a number of the articles are coming from the same people. Obviously I still want to encourage these people to carry on producing articles for inclusion in the BB but it would also be nice to see some articles from other people.  With the vast and varied membership the BEC has throughout the world I’m sure there are plenty of members out there doing exciting things that other members would like to hear about.

The BB is our club journal and does not only need to contain articles relating to exploratory caving. I’m happy to receive articles about anything that club members are up to i.e. Caving, Mountaineering, Climbing, Canoeing, Walking, Running, Cycling etc.

I’m happy to stand as BB editor for another year should the club wish me to continue.

Please send in your articles – Contact details are at the front of the BB.

Greg Brock

Hut Booking Report Oct 2003 – Sept 2004

There is really not very much to say where Hut Bookings are concerned.  Actual bookings remain at a very low level compared with before Foot & Mouth, we have a reliance on the same groups returning, of whom, many members of these groups, are now actually BEC members.  It must be a sign of how times have changed that what bookings we do get are now a very last minute affair and the majority of those booked on the Monday have very often been cancelled by the Thursday for no reason other than they have found something else to do!  It would be fair to say that the majority of people who now stay at The Belfry just turn up on spec or are directed to us through Bat Products. 

I am prepared to carry on taking the Hut Bookings for the forthcoming year should the club so wish me to do so.

Fiona Sandford
8th August 2004