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Hon. Secretary Report Oct 2003 – Sept 2004

There has been some small response to the request for nominations for election to the committee for the club year Oct. 2004 – Sept. 2005 and, at the time of writing (07.08.04), two people have come forward and offered their assistance for the coming club year.  Unless there is a mad rush in the time leading up to the AGM I cannot envisage a ballot being necessary considering there is provision for up to 12 committee members.

Here follows a brief summary of some of the issues dealt with by the committee in the past club year:

The main areas of business during the committee year have been the matters of insurance and the continuing work on the extension. 

Mike Wilson deserves a big pat on the back for his efforts in liasing with Nick Williams and finally securing a satisfactory outcome regarding the insurance.  There are, however, still some people who have asked for caving membership of the scheme and have not paid the required premium. It was necessary, in the first instance, for the club to pay all the money up front and it is not for the club to subsidise those members who have not paid.  We will add the money due plus a surcharge to the coming years subscription. I will take this opportunity to point out to those members of the club that are St. Cuthberts leaders that a valid insurance is a necessity of that leadership agreement and that the ‘green card’ is the only one that will be recognised.

Roger Haskett has continued with his sterling efforts to cajole and coerce various members of the caving community to contribute to the Belfry extension and his, and their, efforts are to be applauded.

Greg Brock has taken over from Adrian Hole as BB Editor and has published his first efforts maintaining the high standards we, as a club, have come to expect.

Fiona and Ivan Sandford have continued to put in a considerable amount of work regarding the hut, its bookings and maintenance, and assisting the efforts of the Hut Engineer, John Walsh.

During May there was a tree planting ceremony and barbecue to commemorate the memories of Jock Orr and Frank Jones organised by Nigel Taylor and Roger Haskett.

The BEC, as a result of a request from Loxton Parish Council, have agreed to administer the access to the recently re-discovered and historically important Loxton Cavern (not to be confused with Loxton Cave).  We are in the process of arranging access and leaders for the main caving clubs on Mendip.

Mendip District Council approached the club, following some complaint regarding the footpath access and they are to provide some step-overs to the stiles and some clearance work etc. along the path.  There will be no cost to the BEC.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who during the past year have made up the committee and the non-committee posts for volunteering their time and effort to the administration of the club.  They are Mike Wilson, Fiona Sandford, John Walsh, Roger Haskett, Greg Brock, Graham Johnson, Tyrone Bevan, Adrian Hole, John Williams, Sean Howe.  Thanks also to the small band of helpers who have endeavoured to work on the extension and many other tasks around the Belfry.

The Annual Dinner is at The Bath Arms Hotel, Cheddar on the evening of the 2nd October 2004.  There will be a coach from the Hunters/Belfry around 19:00 and returning from Cheddar at around midnight.

On a sadder note this year has seen the passing of another long time club member Alan Thomas, remembered by many as Big Al’, I’m sure his memory will linger long.

Vince Simmonds Hon. Sec. 2003 – 2004