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Committee Members

Secretary:                            Vince Simmonds
Treasurers:                         Mike and Hilary Wilson
Membership Secretary:    Sean Howe
Editor:                                  Greg Brock
Caving Secretary:              John Williams
Tackle Master:                   Tyrone Bevan
Hut Warden:                       Roger Haskett
Hut Engineer:                    John Walsh
BEC Web Page Editor:    Estelle Sandford
Librarian:                            Graham Johnson
Hut Bookings:                    Fiona Sandford
Floating Member:              Bob Smith

Note from your new editor

As you may or may not be aware Adrian Hole has had to stand down from his post as BB editor due to other personal commitments.  Thanks were given to Adrian by the committee for all his hard work as BB editor over the past years.

I have now taken over the job as BB editor for which I need your help.  The BB is a journal for all BEC members and is written by BEC members. Therefore if you have said things like: Why haven’t we had a BB for ages? Why is there not much in them?  Why aren’t they coming out on a regular basis? The answer to all those questions is because you haven’t written an article to put in it.  So all those budding journalists out there can now put pen to paper and send your articles in.

I would prefer all articles be sent to me by e-mail.  If you do not have access to e-mail then you could always send me a 3½” floppy disk, by post, with the article on.  Failing that your handwritten work can also be posted to me for inclusion into the BB. Any photos or surveys you want to include within the BB can be posted to me and I will ensure they are sent back to you as soon as they are put into the BB.

Remember that this BB is not possible without your input.

I look forward to receiving your articles.


Greg Brock

Have you visited the new club website yet?

It is full of all the latest events and information as they happen.  Keep up to date with the latest progress down Hunters Lodge Inn sink by seeing what you are missing in the photo gallery.

Thanks to Estelle Sandford who has put a lot of effort into designing, creating and regularly maintaining our website.

If you have anything to add to it please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your Club needs YOU

Sean Howe will be stepping down as the club’s Membership Secretary at this years AGM.  We have yet to find a replacement!  Please contact a committee member if you would like to be next years Membership Secretary or if you would be interested in holding any other Committee post.

On the same note: Nominations for the 2004 - 2005 committee need to be with the Secretary by the end of August 2004.  This is so that a ballot can be arranged if necessary.  It should be noted that it must be ten years or so since we last had a proper election and that some key positions need filling i.e. membership secretary to name but one.

Remember: You don’t have to live locally to the club to hold a committee post.  There are a number of committee positions that can be undertaken away from the area.

Mendip Mega Stomp

This happened with great success.  The money that the BEC raised out of the event, the committee decided, will be passed onto Tony Jarratt for purchasing explosives etc for the club.

Tony Jarratt: Received with thanks.  The money has been spent on a 24mm drill bit.