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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
Editor: Estelle Sandford

Committee Members

Secretary: Nigel Taylor
Treasurer: Chris Smart
Membership Secretary: Roz Bateman
Editor: Estelle Sandford
Caving Secretary: Andy Thomas
Tackle Master: Mike Willett
Hut Engineer: Nick Mitchell
Hut Warden: Becky Campbell
Librarian and Floating member: Alex Gee


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Sorry for the BB being slightly late, but as you can see this is a bumper edition and hopefully well worth waiting for; it comes complete with the Thailand 98 caving report.

My apologies to the people who have sent me articles that I haven't printed in this BB.  The printing company's saddle-stitching machine can only cope with 72 pages (original) so they will be in the next BB.

How many of you guessed the cave in the last BB.  It was Shatter Passage in Swildons and the individual in the photo was Pete Rose. Have a go at this one and you could actually win a prize if you get the cave locations right.

I am getting a lot of promises for articles for future BB’s, please can you try and get these to me as soon as possible so I can plan ahead for the contents of the BB’s.

The cut of for the next BB is 10th March 1999.  This is about a month late as I am in India, so unless anyone fancies doing the BB for me, it will have to wait until I get back!!  I would really appreciate if anyone has any articles for this one to let me know during January so I have a bit of an idea what to expect.

(Note: I have put the cut off and due dates for all next years BB’s in the rolling calendar- hopefully this will help a bit with the timing of articles)


Letters and articles in the BB are not necessarily the views of the Editor, the BEC Committee or the club in general.