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Working Weekend

16/17 May 1998

By Becky Campbell

A vote of thanks goes out to all present during the working weekend: Nick Mitchell, Graham Johnson, Bob Smith, Nigel Taylor, Mike Wilson, Hilary Wilson, Martin Selfe, Henry Bennett, Antoinette (Henry's companion) Alex Gee, Pete Bolt, Mike Willet, Guy Munnings Roz Batemen, Vince Simmonds, Estelle Sandford and Rebecca Campbell.

Nick's working weekend, saw the much-needed replacement of the bunkroom fire escape door and frame. This was painted during the following week.  Other work undertaken included: painting the front door; fixing the door mechanism on the front door; completion of the main room notice board which is now surfaced with insulation board (no more broken pins) maintenance work and repainting of the Belfry skeleton; installation of an additional electric socket spur in the kitchen to increase the quota of fixed sockets by six; much gardening work and an unsavoury poke at the blocked Belfry drain.

Graham Johnson continued this drain work the following week, only to find that the culprit was a disgusting mesh of female sanitary devices.  Please try to ensure that all such items are put in the bin, not the toilet, in future.  We also have a slight problem with some well-meaning member who is intent on destroying the Belfry cesspit by helpfully (!!!) pouring bleach down the toilet.

For the unenlightened, I feel the need to explain that the cesspit works by the presence of natural bacteria which breakdown the solid matter into a substance capable of soaking away into the surrounding ground.  By adding bleach, the bacteria are destroyed, the solid matter does not decompose and the cesspit fills up rather than retaining a relatively constant level.  Please do not use bleach in the Belfry.

Work on the Belfry has never been isolated to working weekends and with the support of the club's active members; work is scheduled to continue throughout the summer. Amongst the Hut Engineer's many plans, the kitchen still requires tiling and tiling is also to be expanded in the showers.  There are also plans to replace the inefficient water heater in the kitchen with the instant hot water of an ex-shower unit.  Should any members wish to help out please do not hesitate to contact the hut engineer.  He knows more than I do.

There has been an improvement in non-member nights in this financial period and it may be as a result, at least in part, of the improvements to the bunkroom and Belfry floor that were undertaken last year.  With this current zeal by the young membership to invest their own time and efforts in improving the club's most tangible asset, I believe that this trend will improve.  It also gives all those involved something to be very proud of, a pride which others may seek to attain by joining our bar-room mountaineers.