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St Cuthbert's Swallet Maintenance

By Becky Campbell

25 April 1998

Present: Graham (Jake) Johnson, Roger (Slim) Haskett, & Rebecca Campbell (token female observer). Graham and Roger fixed a sturdy fixed ladder within the concrete entrance pipes of the cave.  The ladder is fixed to the pipe with several bolts to prevent movement.  It is of solid rigid build, in line with other fixed ladders found further into the system.

Belfry Maintenance


The Belfry has seen much work during the last few months; in fact it is becoming the smartest caving residence in Priddy.  This is totally due to the vision of club members combined with the capabilities and commitment of the Hut Engineer and a small band of regular Belfry residents, supported during the working weekend by still more willing helpers.

The kitchen has been improved beyond recognition, although work is still ongoing.  During April several wall units were acquired at minimal cost to the club.  These supply much needed storage space for members and guests alike.

Estelle Sandford organised the improvement of the gas pipe work. This means that all the original pipe work has been replaced and the second cooker (donated by Walt next door) is now installed. The Belfry's cooking facilities have grown to 12 gas rings, 2 ovens, two grills, toaster and a microwave.

The Hut Engineer (Nick Mitchell) ably assisted by the Deputy Hut Warden (Bob Smith), have also erected a solid 'breakfast bar', which replaces the old table that used to serve as a low work surface next to the cooker.  This smart addition is built from a skeleton of concrete blocks, faced with wood and surfaced with a grey kitchen worktop (all donated by Nick). It is built to a standard work surface level and will provide tidy storage for guest food boxes.

At the same time as the breakfast bar was constructed, the boys installed the Belfry bar.  This matches the breakfast bar and has been furnished with wooden pelmet (also donated by Nick), spirit optics (all kindly donated) and shelves for the glasses (donated by Martin Grass).  It has been built to the highest standards, being exactly the same height as the Hunters bar.  It grows smarter by the week, as work continues by our resident chippy and Hut Engineer, the one and only Nick Mitchell.  There have been only two complaints about the bar, not surprising in a club of 'bar-room mountaineers'.