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A Note from your Caving Secretary

As Caving Secretary I have been most disappointed in the membership of this club's response to trips and requests for booking trips in Yorkshire and other areas.  I have had no response to the multiple requests in previous Belfry Bulletins for members to contact me if they wanted trips anywhere.

After a complaint from a member stating that new members were complaining about not being able to get trips, I listed some Mendip and also an OFD trip in the last BB and trips have also been listed on the board in the Belfry.  I have had no response to any of these trips.  I am loathed to get permits for Yorkshire and Derbyshire caves as with the general lack of interest by the club, I am sure that these permits would not be used and we could potentially be preventing other clubs from going into the cave.

Another passing comment is with the Cuthbert's leaders.  I changed the lock on 1st May and despite a letter going to all leaders advising them of the change, and requesting the old key to be returned for replacement, there are still a lot of BEC leaders who do not have the new key.

It is a shame that apart from a small few who are digging and caving, and a few who still go away on expeditions, the club appears to be virtually inactive.  Of those who are caving, very few are putting their trips in the caving log book at the Belfry; this is the club's history, you only have to look at the old logs in the library from the 60's, 70's and 80's to realise that.

The Hut Engineer, Nick, with the help of a few friends, has done a sterling job on renovations on the hut over the last few months, as anyone who has visited the Belfry recently will have seen.  It's a shame that invariably very few members and guests inhabit the hut on a regular basis and use these new facilities; you only have to look at the hut log to see that.

I am not going to list further trips in the calendar as per the last BB, but only advise you here, that if you are looking for company to cave with, a few friends and I cave most Tuesdays and Sundays, give me a call on 01458 446574.  If you want 'off Mendip' trips, let me know and I will try to book them for you.

Andy Thomas