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North Hill Swallet

Vince Simmonds

NGR. ST55/5359.5084.  Altitude 832ft.

Originally dug by NHASA. Starting in 1965 earning the alternative title of Polar Ammon Pot due to the use of quantities of "Dr. Nobel's chemical hammer".  The breakthrough came in 1971 when "Master's Cave" was finally entered.

Due to its reputation for bad air this cave seems to have been largely avoided for the last 27 years. Since the farm no longer has a dairy herd the probable source of the air problem appears to have gone.

At the beginning of June '98 Graham Johnson and Vince Simmonds decided to venture into the cave with a notion of re-starting the dig.  A few trips followed to carry in bags and tools, during this time there was a period of heavy rain and no sign of any water backing up in the cave added to the enthusiasm

The digging is relatively easy (silt/gravel & some rocks) if not exactly comfortable, there's quite a puddle of water to lie in.

We have located the last survey station and it would appear there has been very little wash-in during the last three decades.

There has also been a tentative prod at an Inlet off "The Master's Cave" that may have some possibilities.

It's early days yet but it looks promising, so watch this space        .


Vince Simmonds, Graham Johnson, Roz Bateman, Paul Brock, Keith Savory, Carol Tapley, Mike Willett.