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Mendip Cavers Fair Circa 1998

By Mike Wilson

Organisers A. Sparrow, A. Butcher plus a cast of willing unpaid extras!  As is the case with these events on Mendip, very little interest was shown in the Fair right up to the last minute (in spite of the advertising and pre-listing of events well in advance).  On the day registration pottered along steadily with all events being well attended. In the marquee Quipu displayed their wares, whilst outside the Dragon products van provided friendly competition! The campsite (next to the graveyard) was quite full and looked quite homely with all the varied tents in residence. Trebor provided an artistic trip down Cuthbert's, Estelle and myself provided two tourist trips down the same, both well attended!

The highlight of the day was the Das Boot competition organised by the Mendip Mafia, Jake and Vince, assisted by Bob and Nick, etc., the prize being a 50-pound voucher from Quipu thanks to Paul and his wife!  Incidental prizes were gold wellies or tags worth a pint at the Stomp.  The teams set off merrily at 5:30pm i.e. 6:00pm Mendip time, not knowing that a clue was placed in a wet spot in Swildons hopefully they all got wet!  Axbridge C.G. were the winners!

On to the highlight of the weekend - The Stomp.  The band proved to be excellent and provided good quality music all night long.  Andy Sparrow managed to dance with himself (a good sign Andy) and Paul of Quipu watched his wife, ditto 'come on Paul'. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, met a lot of old friends and finished up at the new Belfry Bar, being ably served by Bob (John Boy) and 'gappy' Nick.  We sang along well with Rogers able lead, could have done with some more old 'uns' who knew 'They Words'.  Having gone native for the weekend I had to test the bunkhouse and found it to be quite comfy and fairly quiet!  (On this weekend at least)

I am sure the Fair was a success and many thanks to all the people who put in a lot of free time to assist and organise the event.