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Nominations for the 1998/9 Committee - Nigel Taylor

As Secretary I now formally call for nominations in writing for candidates for election for the 1998/9 BEC Committee for the AGM on Saturday 3rd October.  Nominations must be in writing, and be seconded by another BEC member.  Only paid up members are eligible, and to make it clear as I have often been asked, probationary members are eligible to stand.

Nominations must be received by the Secretary by Friday 4th September :

(also this is the date of the September committee meeting) - to both comply with the constitution and enable me to organise and circulate any ballot papers if an election is required. (Constitution 5b-l)  All the present members automatically are re-nominated to stand again unless they express otherwise.

Note from the Editor: -

Reports from Committee members need to be with the Editor by the 29th August.  A short AGM BB Appendix with voting forms and these reports will be posted to all BEC members shortly after the weekend of the 5th September.

Members News

Members should be advised that the committee has given an indefinite ban to a former member John Williams, A.K.A. "Jingles", as a result of his steadfast refusal to either furnish receipts or repay clubs monies advanced to him

New Members

We would like to welcome new members Kevin Jones and Toby Limmer to the BEC.  We also wish to welcome Vince Simmonds back to the club.


Photos are still required for the photo board at the Belfry and also the Belfry Bulletin.  Slides or prints or pre-scanned files are all more than welcome.  I will return any slides or prints that are sent to me once copies have been made or they have been scanned in - Ed.

BEC Website

Is accessible at the following URL  The links from some of the main caving web-sites are now pointing to the correct site.

Committee Members on the move:

Nigel Taylor has moved to Cheddar, Somerset.  The telephone number is 01934 xxxxxxx.

Nigel's Housewarming

On 18th July, a large group of people descended on Nigel Taylor's new house in Cheddar for an entertaining evening.  Several Barrels and a large quantity of bottles were emptied, and a pig was devoured. Nigel's 'car-park/hillside' became interesting sport later on when people tried to leave.  Andy Sparrow was the first to need towing out, shortly followed by a Series 2 Landrover with no four-wheel drive; the night was finalised by a vomiting policeman!

BEC AGM and Annual Dinner

This will be held on Saturday 3rd October.  The AGM, as always, starts at 10:30am at the Belfry.  Please try to attend this year.  The dinner will be at Langford Veterinary College again this year.

The Dinner Form will be available in the AGM appendix and will also be available from the Secretary, The Hunters and Bat Product in about 3 weeks time.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send the form to Nigel early this year. I gather he doesn't really want to phone most of the club's membership to remind them this year!!

BEC v Wessex Cricket Match

Don't forget the annual cricket match for the 'Sofa Ashes' will be taking place on 1st August after the lunchtime session (33:30pm!)  Let's see if we can win them back this year!

BEC Stomp

On the 12th September at the Village Hall the BEC are holding a stomp to raise money for replacement of the fire and help with the library.  There will be live music and lots of alcohol.  Contact Roz Bateman for more information.  Tickets will be on sale from Committee Members nearer the time.

Sea Diving

There are a few of us regularly going to the seaside at weekends to go diving.  There are also plans afoot for a weekend in Cornwall in August/early September.  If you are interested in coming along either on the weekend stuff or the weekends away, please contact either Estelle or Quackers.

Burrington Cave Atlas - Photo Picture Competition

I am running a competition for the front cover photograph or picture for the new updated Burrington Cave Atlas, which is due for release towards the end of this year.

I am looking for something that will give the feel of Burrington Combe.

The prize for the winner will be a copy of the Atlas and also a copy of the new Mendip Underground when it is released, so come on all you photographers, get snapping or delve into those archives for that picture.

(I am also looking for suitable photos for inside the Atlas, so if you don't win, you photo could still be in the Atlas, fully credited of course!)

Please send any pictures to Estelle at the editor's address in the front cover - I will endeavour to return all pictures that are sent to me with an SAE or whose owners are regulars in the Hunters.

Burrington Working Day

As per most BEC working events, there were a lot of promises, but very little support!  Many thanks to Roz Bateman, Bob Smith, Mike and Hilary Wilson and Mike's Mum for their help with this.

We had an interesting day, fighting our way through the undergrowth to check that the caves were still there!  There is still quite a bit of work to do, but if anyone fancies doing a bit of surveying let me know - Ed.

Question from Blitz: -

We have had no response to the question regarding 'how many Bertie Bats we have had over the years?' - it would be nice to get a bit of feedback on this.

BCRA Meeting

Regional One-day meeting to be held in Priddy Village Hall at 9:30am on 21/11/98.  Topics include in depth lectures on Swildons and S1. Cuthbert's Swallet.  Details to be arranged.

Burrington Conservation Day

A message from Linda Wilson, Conservation Officer, Charterhouse CC Ltd.

Stuart Sale from the BEC turned up and spent 4 hours down Charterhouse with me and some others stal cleaning.  His help, along with everyone else's, was much appreciated.  For general info we had 13 people in total from the following clubs: - MCG, MNRC, BEC, UBSS and WCC.  One team were in Charterhouse and the rest were in GB.  Helectite Grotto in GB was cleaned and work has started in the White Passage area. Most of the cleaning needed in Charterhouse has now been done.

I'll be arranging another date hopefully sometime over summer so we can start on Bat Passage and will pass the date on to you.

Floods Anniversary

As most of you are probably aware, on 10th July 1968, there were major floods, which caused many changes on Mendip, the most significant being the loss of the 40' in Swildons.

For the 30th Anniversary on Friday 10th July this year a group of people piped some of the water back over the 40' and had a party down there, with strawberries and champagne. Several people had great fun climbing a ladder on the 40' in rather wet conditions!