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Wind. Vodka And Vomit

by Gonzo

"This is the worst tea I've ever tasted" said Robin, resplendent in his bright cherry floatation suit with matching cheeks, rod and neoprene gloves.

Gradually the cheeks changed to an avocado green and he leaned majestically over the side of the boat to distribute his own special ground bait comprised of vindaloo, sweetcorn, bacon fat, diced carrots, bile, stomach lining and, of course, the tea.

It was late March, 8.30 am, and three miles out in Lyme Bay the sky was leaden, the sea argumentative and the motley fishing party of 5 (those who had actually woken up in time to catch the boat) were grinning from ear to ear, with their rods in their hands as is customary with all Belfryites on a Sunday morning!

Over the next eight hours there were all sorts of entertainment on the good ship Neptune including a 7 lb bull huss, numerous dogfish, pouting, lugworm sandwiches, channel whiting.  Trevor pulling up the anchor when the winch broke, pouting, Butcombe, cuckoo wrasse. Whitbread, more bloody pouting. Gonzo wearing two left wellies, the smallest ling ever, wind, Vodka and vomit.

Arriving back at the Cobb in Lyme Regis everyone agreed that it had been a superb day and we booked the boat for a cracking good tide on Saturday June the 6th.  This will be a day out on the wrecks about 15 miles out (not over-fished, no divers).

If you're a closet angler and you fancy joining us then you're very welcome, empty your freezer and bring beer, butties and a camera to the Cobb at 8.00.

We're trying to make this a more regular occurrence, perhaps 3 or 4 times per year.

The boat costs £180 for the day, rods, reels and tackle included, and will comfortably accommodate 10 fishermen (or fishergirlies!).  To avoid being landed with extra expense when people don't show, anyone who wants to secure a place should send a deposit of £15 well in advance to Robin Gray, Albany House, Cheddar, Somerset BS27 3PT, or put it in his pot at the Hunters.  If you can't make it and we can find a replacement you will get your deposit back, otherwise it will go towards the cost of the boat and bait. In the event of a cancellation due to bad weather, plan B will be a day’s beach-casting and a new date will be arranged for the boat.

We are also organising a weekend down at Prawle Point, between Start Point and Sa1combe.  The fishing here off the rocks is superb, especially the bass fishing at night, the diving apparently is exceptional (don't ask me, I'm not a diver) with very clear deep water straight off the rocks. There is a secluded camp site at Maelcombe House with unspoilt views over the sea which is just 100 metres away, diving gannets and all (twit-free, limited Grockle appeal with the nearest decent beach being 2 miles away).  There are no facilities except water, take your own bog.  2 good pubs are about a mile away at Prawle.  I've seen small boats being taken to the beach from the house by tractor, this might be of interest to the divers in the club.

This trip will take place some time in July or August, dates to be sorted out soon.

I hope that this is all of some interest.  There are certainly a lot of barroom fishermen in the club and it would be good if we could make these sort of meets a regular occurrence and a welcome break from digging, digging and more digging.