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An Appeal from your Librarian.

Those of you that use the library will have noticed that all is not well, journals and publications stacked on every available surface, boxes of reports cluttering up every corner and it is generally in a disorganised mess.  What is the librarian playing at you might ask?  Well the problem is that we have run out of cupboard space, and this is the subject of my appeal.

Some years ago the late Jill Tuck, left a very generous bequest to the BEC.  This bequest enabled the librarian at the time, Trebor, to purchase the existing library bookcases.

Unfortunately these are now full and the un-filed collection of journals and acquisitions continues to grow by the month.

I feel that as so much effort and expense went into providing the club with smart and attractive bookcases that do justice to their invaluable contents and set the library apart from the rest of the hut.  It would be a shame not to purchase similar or identical bookcases to match the existing ones.

I have found through contacting the original manufacturer, that the same bookcases are still available. Here though is the crux of the matter each bookcase now retails at approximately ¬£200.00 plus VAT and we require three at the very least, preferably 5 or 6 for the long term.

I have asked the club treasurer and the committee if there are any fund's available for their purchase, but alas there is not.

So I appeal to you my fellow club member¬ís generous philanthropic bunch that you are.  To see if there are any of you generous enough to donate some of your hard earned beer vouchers or any odd spare cash you might have hanging around towards the purchase of some new cabinets.

I will start the ball rolling by purchasing one cabinet myself and I look forward to hearing from those others of you that are willing to assist in the upkeep of the library and its contents, please remember no amount is too small and all donations will be gratefully received.

If you wish to donate anything please either contact myself, or post your donation into the hut fees box in a suitably marked envelope.

Thanking you in anticipation, Regards Alex BEC Librarian

You can contact me on 01749 xxxxxxx or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.