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Charterhouse Caving Company Limited

Update to BEC members in respect of the Company's AGM on 4 April 1998

BEC Representative: Rebecca Campbell

The BEC committee has received no correspondence in respect of CCC Ltd activities this year.  As such the only item that we raised was the matter of company budgeting.  The company has slightly excessive accumulated funds that we believe the directors should keep an eye on, in a move to both set and maintain a reasonable level of reserves. The CCC subscription levels will be reviewed accordingly at the next AGM.

Items of interest to General Membership:

1. Conservation Day - GB Car park

11:00am Saturday, 20 June 1998

The company is going to be continuing the cave cleaning work in GB and Charterhouse on the above date. Volunteers are needed to undertake the work.  All workers will need to bring a Daren drum and tackle bag for water carrying.  I would be grateful if any members who have Daren drums would offer them to the caving secretary for use in this event, even if they cannot attend themselves.

Work in Bat Passage will require conservationists to bring a spare clean undersuit and spare clean wetsuit socks.  Normal permit and key provisions will apply for that day.  As all BEC members are entitled to a one year permit this will cause them no extra cost.  If any non-members wish to attend under the provision of a BEC key they will be issued with a permit free of charge.  We have two GB keys so numbers are restricted.  If you are interested please contact the Caving Secretary, Andy Thomas.

2. Rigging in Rhino Rift

Resin anchors are scheduled to be fitted on the first three pitches during the Summer of 1998.  The type of anchor is non-negotiable for insurance reasons.

Finally, on the subject of Rhino Rift, the club has an official dig site at the terminal choke. Little work was undertaken during this year, but Paul Brock is keen to continue the project.  Anyone interested should contact him, whenever.