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Tackle Store Report.

From Mike Willett.

Tackle Master. Richard Blake.
Deputy.  Mike Willett.

Hello all.  Firstly I am pleased to say that the BEC stomp was a success and raised six hundred and thirty nine pounds for the tackle store. Thanks to everyone who attended and to those who helped in the running of it, and a special thanks to Roz Bateman for her hard work in the organising of the event.  How the money will be spent has not been discussed in any detail to date, but we'll keep you informed.  As most of you are aware Richard Blake is back with us, and he has been busy sorting through the tackle and engineering a new system to make tackle easier to access, which brings me to the point of this report.

There is now a new tackle store!  This is the old MRO carbide store situated to the left of the old tackle store. The old store is now a workshop for ladder making, or anything related to digging projects.  Surplus tackle is also stored here, but cannot be accessed through your Belfry key. The new store can be accessed in the same way, through the members cave key box; the new key is a padlock key. The contents of the new tackle store at the moment are:

  • 1 x ten meter ladder.
  • 1 x 18 foot ladder.
  • 2 x spreader.
  • 3 x wire belays.
  • 2 x lifelines (new).
  • 1 x tackle bag.
  • For ease the St CuthbertÂ’s ladder will also be stored here.





Now for the crunch! If not returned, the tackle in the new store will not be replaced!  This new store will run on trust.  You will no longer have to book tackle out!  Simply take your ladder or anything you require, use it, then put it back after giving it a quick rinse under the hose-pipe.  This is for member's convenience but must be respected.  If abused this system will stop; all tackle will be locked away, and as before will only be accessed through a committee member.  Despite the money raised at the stomp, tackle is very expensive to buy, and no amount we could raise would enable us to buy more tackle to replace ladders left in car boots!  Of course the tackle will be inspected and damaged ladders will be replaced.  Common sense will tell you not to put tackle that is obviously damaged back in the store.  The stock is maintained by a small number of members for the benefit of all. It's your tackle, please respect it, not only for yourself but also for other members of the club.

If people require ladders for digging or long term projects, please contact either Richard or myself as we have some older ladders for this purpose in the surplus store. Alternatively for digs, we could supply you with the materials and equipment to make your own ladders to suit your project.  If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to let Richard or myself know as any help is most welcome.