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Wigmore - The Criticism has Landed

By Trevor Hughes

A recent e-mail to the editor from Graham Mullan (UBSS), prompted this computer illiterate handraulic surveyor to study the Wigmore Report and answer his queries in a personal reply and in these pages as the enclosed errata sheet.

The text of the report is, by and large, correct - the odd figure may be quibbled over in the statistical pages, but that is small beer (i.e. for the Wessex).  What lets the report down is the quality of presentation of the surveys.

Keith Savory's geological work is first class, but the survey plans/elevations have no scale. The map facing page 3 does not use the best available information on the downstream passages - The 1:200 sheet (available from Bat Products) gives the better overview.

The Surveys at the end of the report have an incorrect scale - it should have been 1:707 (i.e. 1:500 x -...12 as a result of the photo-reduction from A3 to A4).  The north point of the plan is drawn at 342.5° mag. and the downstream sump passages have been rotated without due explanation.  The foreshortening as a result of the radio location on 4th April 1993 has not been incorporated into the survey plan.

In my reply to Graham I referred him to the original published surveys and reminded him that source material is essential for serious research (I enclosed to him the BB 1:500 and original 1:200 master in my reply).  The small scale surveys used in a caving report are essentially a guide and not a means to an end, but I do feel that more care should have been taken in the preparation of the report's surveys and on that issue, Graham voices a very valid point.

I hope the errata sheet is self explanatory. If anybody is still in the dark then proffered beer and snuff will entice a more comprehensive reply - especially in the Hunters!!

Caving Report Number 23 - Wigmore Report Errata Sheet

Facing Page 3:

Delete: Not to meaningful scale - proportion only

Insert:   Scale 1:3125

Add:     Grid is Ordnance Survey, North point is O/S.

Facing Page 12:

Insert:   Scale = 1:300

Facing Page 13:

Insert:   Scale" = 1:300 N (mag. 1991) = Page long axis

Between Pages 13 and 14:

Insert:   Scale" 1:320

Facing Page 24:

Delete: Scale 1:500

Insert:   Scale 1:707 (141mm reps 100m)

Facing Rear Cover:

Delete: Scale 1:500

Insert:   Scale 1:707


1.                  North point as drawn is 17.50 west of N (mag 1991)

2.                  The downstream passages from sump one have been rotated to fit the page.  The major orientation is 0800 mag.

3.                  The length of the passages/sumps does not take into account of the radio-location carried out 34m downstream of sump 9.