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Thrupe Lane Trip

By Mike Wilson

SATURDAY 31st JANUARY 14:00 hrs

Persons present: Zot, MR Wilson, Rich, Vee, Mark, Mike, Toby (Trainee Belfry Boy)

This trip was designed to be a steady bimble on ladders to orientate new and future BEC members into the intricacies of Thrupe Lane.  I had a pleasant surprise when everyone turned up on time, including my right hand man Zot.

We all gathered at the entrance, a positive crocodile by BEC standards, and laddered down the entrance pitch.  Then having tootled down the ferret run, pointing out the Railway tunnel as we went, we then laddered Perseverance pot and pottered down to Cowsh Crawl.  I mentioned that 10 years ago Cowsh Crawl was tight, IT'S NOW AS SLACK AS YER HAT.  The team wandered down Marble Streamway and had a look at Atlas Pot, Zot and I pointed out the various routes and bolt points.  We then toddled back to Butts Chamber had a look at Avalanche Pot, then following some neat little Orange markers, which proved to be Zot's oversuit which was slowly shredding.  Not surprising as he had found it in a ditch somewhere on Mendip.  Clearing up the mess as we went we exited the cave; Toby had a peep at the Railway Tunnel while the rest climbed out. Sadly he declined to have a shower with me back at the shed; I was only trying to save money!! A steady trip with 4 potential BEC members in the group; I intend to jack up another trip on Mendip sometime during the Summer months possibly Stoke Lane or Eastwater Twin Verts the classic way.

I hope other elder members will follow my example this year.