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From the Log Book

From the Five Buddies Log Book: (Lives in the Hunters, should anyone want more information)

28/8/96 Estelle, J'Rat, Trevor, Nick, Mike

Lots more clearing of slag, earth and rocks.  Five van loads were taken and dumped by Trev, who was questioned by the local policeman as to what he was up to (as if a large, hairy, overalled figure dumping heavy sacks in a remote location at night could be at all suspicious!) Another 3" nut and bolt were found but nothing else of interested.  The place was infested with tiny frogs. (J'Rat)

29/12/96 Estelle, Trevor

It has collapsed!! approx. 8ft from the road.  Everything beyond the false roof has come in.  It's frozen solid, inside and out.  No digging or even bucket emptying possible.  Heaven help when it thaws!!  We now have cones and scaffold frame to stop people from parking there. (Estelle)

30/12/96am Trev, J'Rat, Quackers, Martin, Roz Bateman, Phil Collet

In the morning J'Rat phoned Mr Harris of the C. Council, who was grateful for the collapse information, but not too concerned.  He asked to be kept informed.  Phone number in back of book.  We then dug and cleared rocks and spoil from the choke and filled the two collapses with assorted bags of frozen debris, etc. (J'Rat)

9/6/97am J'Rat BREAKTHROUGH!

Filled about 20 buckets at the end (which were later taken to the surface and dumped) and heaved out a huge pile of rocks (which were later dumped in the hole below the miners wooden beam).  After an hour or so I opened up a hole straight ahead giving a view into a narrow, tall chamber under the road.  A lot of time was then spent making it safe enough to gently creep through (at exactly noon) keeping a very wary eye on the 'hanging death' above!!  The chamber was the start of 50ft of dry, apparently natural stream passage possibly modified by the 'Old Man' in places and ending in a mud/rock choke which looks relatively easily diggable.  'Old Man' timbers littered the floor and in places protruded from the walls.  No other artefacts were seen, apart from a small amount of black lead slag.  Several small phreatic passages were noted at roof level with layers of sediment showing that the place has been flooded in the past.  There are dodgy looking boulders in places - beware.  The entrance needs concreting ASAP.  We are now behind the main choke, which can be made safe.  The road will now not fall in!!  Some underground and surface tidying before I returned, suitably smug, to the pub. (J'Rat)

NB The half bore of an Old Mans shothole near the breakthrough point indicates that the cave passage was enlarged TOWARDS the entrance.  Did they get in via the filled shaft across the road?

From the BEC logbook - From the few that have been written up!!!

18/5/97 Trebor and Barnsy 7hrs

Continued digging in Swildons sump 12.  Making progress widening the tight squeeze at - 6m, 25m in.  This is to make digging/banging the rift beyond safer so that falling debris does not block the retreat.  Bale-out tanks left at 9 to ease the carrying.

(See logbook for sketch)

Cowsh Avens smelling a bit more than last time.  On exit we wandered into a thunderstorm blitzkrieg with lightning crashing around us. We had to lie in the field and wait for it to pass.

To date there are no trips in the log since 5/7/97.  Come on everyone, you should be writing up your trips; it's part of the club's history. (And it gives me something to put in the BB!!)