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Hazel Nut Swallet:

A BEC dig in the Biddlecombe valley just outside Wells.  There has been a recent small breakthrough into short length of decorated passage. A way on is visible and work continues enlarging the low and squalid passage.  Cave is about 35ft long at present. See Mike Willett or Nick Mitchell for details.

Five Buddies: (second entrance)

Progressing downwards through mixed debris. (mostly old garage and domestic rubbish and old drums and buckets).  Depth 5.8m below manhole entrance to rocky infill immediately below and hence to the horizontal passage entered from the other side of the road once this has been cleared. (The hedgehog crossing is nearly complete!!!)

Barrow Rake:

In temporary abeyance.

White Pit:

Bad air (4.3% CO2!!) continues to be a hazard below Prophecy Pot and the area should not be entered without consulting BEC diggers.  Recent work has entered 100 feet of large passage below Prophecy Pot.  This terminates in a sump which will make future digging a problem.


Swildon's Entrance is now apparently stable after the series of collapses that began a few years ago. Following the stream now provides a safe route between a solid roof and floor which bypasses the 8­foot climb. The Z bend route to the Dry Ways remains closed.

The Mud Sump drain hole is still blocked and the recent wet weather has reduced the airspace. Bailing is now very difficult from either side and parties completing a reverse Round Trip or Priddy Green Sink through trip may find exit this way impossible.

UPDATE - Mudsump is currently sumped.  It has been free-dived by groups attempting reverse­round trips but this is VERY DANGEROUS as the sump is getting gradually longer with rising levels.

Also in Swildon's Sump 12 has been revisited and the underwater passage has been enlarged.  It is hoped that a route can be forced up towards airspace very soon.

Hunters Hole:

There is a massive digging operation in the bottom by a BEC team, and much equipment left in situ. Progress is slow but ongoing.

Cairo Shaft: (WCC dig)

A new dig in a partly natural lead (??) mine at Fernhill Farm near Compton Martin. 120ft of passage rediscovered and ending in a possible sump.  Named after Rich Blake's present location as they didn't want to name it after his underpants!!!  (That's what they told Tony Jarratt - honest!!)

Frog Pot:

Kate Lawrence and WCC dig at Chancellors Farm, Priddy.  The team is 20ft down in a promising water worn rift. Imperial College CC dug this in the 60's.

GB: (WCC Dig)

Les Williams and co. are digging a draughting tube on LHS - 3ft in so far.  Visitors, please mind the formations.

Dave Mitchell's dig: (WCC)

This dig at Charterhouse is progressing well.  This depression was opened with a Himac and work continues between stal cemented boulders.

Gruffy Field Mine Shaft: (CCC dig)

Graham Mullan, Tony Boycott and co. are digging this.  It is draughting well and may be a future connection to Charterhouse.

Tyning's Farm:

The owner has requested NO night-time parking at the stables please.  Daytime parking is still available at £1 for those who want a bit more safety for their vehicles for GB and alike.

Bolting Update:

Bolt Update Resin anchors have been installed on the Entrance, New Atlas and High Atlas pitch heads in Thrupe.  The climb to Ladder Dig in GB will be resin anchored very soon, and work will begin on Rhino Rift in the autumn.  There are two stripped spits in Hunter's Hole one over the main pitch and one above Far Right Pitch.  Coral Cave has recently been SRT bolted.