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The Wigmore Report is out now, and is available from Bat Products.  Priced at £4.50 to members and £5.50 to non-members.  Written by Mike 'Trebor' McDonald, Tony Jarratt and Keith Savory, this report covers detail on the digging, diving, geology and hydrology, with some 'interesting' digging shots by Pete Bolt. (Can someone please review this report for the next BB - Ed)


Wanted: Photos for the Photo-board at the Belfry. We are after caving photos from anywhere in this country/the world.

Please Note: Can you send copies not the originals, as we cannot guarantee being able to return the photos.  Also when we have finished with the photo on the board we would like to be able to put them in a photo album in the library.  Can you please send them to the Belfry.


On Friday 17th October, there was a rescue in Dallimores Cave, in the Oxford Extensions. A young man from Southampton University was stuck in the tight bits.  (Fortunately it was the weekend of the Wessex Dinner, so there was no shortage of anorexic dwarfs.  After a couple of hours the victim came unstuck and came out under his own steam, none the worse for wear.


There are plans afoot for the BEC to have an actively updated web site (rather than the advert we currently have).  If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on this please contact either Andy Sparrow or Estelle Sandford.


For those of you who don't regularly read" The News and Sun" newspaper published in Waukegan, Illinois then you may have missed the August 8, 1997 issue!


Bats attacked a military patrol in Ecuador's Southern Amazon rainforest, injuring 17 soldiers, health officials said Thursday. Health director Jorge Murillo told a news conference eight children died of rabies and 24 needed medical treatment after a similar bat attack several days earlier in the region, known as El Tigre."

Makes you wonder, eh.


There are also plans for another attack on Cuthbert’s Sump 2.  Alex Gee is working on the plans for this.  Anyone interested should contact Alex.

Thanks to Nigel Taylor for organising a brilliant Annual Dinner.  A Vets college was probably very apt for the BEC!!!  (Just -don't ask where the beef and chicken came from, particularly as their incinerator had broken down!!)

Now for a whinge, the cut off date for this dinner was a week before and Nigel had 34 paid by then - less than a fifth of the membership.  63 phone-calls later and there were 95 at the dinner.  A major thanks to Nigel for all this extra hard work and a thanks to Langford Veterinary College for extending their cut off date to the day before the dinner for us.  From this poor initial response, do you as the membership; really want a dinner next year??


Andy Sparrow has set up a 'Mendip News' web page (see diggers page for extracts) which contains up-to-date caving news.  The address is:

If you have anything to add or update please contact him at: [removed]


Mendip Technical Group?

Many Mendip systems are in urgent need of rebolting, (11) but currently no dedicated body assumes responsibility for this.  One way forward would to be to form a Mendip Technical Group under the auspices of the Council of Southern Caving Clubs (CSCC).  This will be proposed at the next CSCC meeting on Saturday December 6th (10.30, Hunter's Lodge, all cavers welcome). The group could work along the following lines-

* open to all interested cavers

* under the direction of CSCC training and equipment officers

* assess all current anchors

* prioritise new placements

* organise training

* install and maintain anchors

These are just suggestions and further input is requested, either bye-mail to Andy Sparrows web page, or by representation at the meeting.


A caver training facility for Mendip Wells community education have been successful in their lottery bid to finance a new sports hall which includes a climbing wall and specially designed caver training facility.  This will consist of a balcony with rigging points where local cavers can practice SRT, ladder and lifeline or rescue techniques.  Completion is due in early 1999.