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From the Belfry Table

I start by wishing all members and their partners a happy New Year 1997!

A further welcome to two new members, Ben Ogboume, and Jeremy Dixon-Wright, both of whom, fresh from Wells Cathedral School, are off to Imperial College and Manchester Universities respectively.   Hopefully in turn they will encourage further new members!

Alex Gee has presented the Committee with an interesting "Discussion Document" Which follows on the AGM theme of New members and what can be done to attract them to the BEC.

Hopefully Alex will publish this letter in the BB. Here is a valid point, we must all try to come up with workable suggestions on this, or better still, each one of us should try to introduce at least one new young prospective member to the Club.  All caving clubs appear to be in the membership doldrums at this time, but as we embark upon our next sixty years, let us at least try.  Abusing a well known expression, "It will have been better to have tried, and not to contemplate failure, than not to try at all."

Five Buddles Dig:" Not such a sylvian scene", more a sinking feeling?  Jayrats valiant efforts to open cast the Miners Arms to Hunters road are progressing well.  Tony has just effected some smoke tests between this site and the Forestry Dig, I suspect the fumes were more correctly attributed to a motor car being swallowed down into his netherworld as it drove past the dig!  Seriously careful where you park!

The Christmas mail brought a cheerful newssheet from Bob & Mariyka Hill and family.  They are now living in Gabon, and mail can be sent via: "Mr. & Mrs R P& M Hill, Shell Gabon, ODE/12, P.O Box 10235, London, SWI9 3ZN.  They send their regards to all who remember them, and extend an open invite for "An African Experience".

On behalf of the BEC, can I also thank several Life members and most especially Merv Hannam for their (and his) most generous donation to club funds recently received.

The Belfry will be CLOSED From Sunday 19th. to Saturday 25th. January 1997, in order to effect a major revamp and tidy-up of the Hut.  No caving or use of the Hut will be available during this period.  I have been told that Alpine Bunks are now the rage, and that you all want them, and so the Female bunk-room which has doubled as a members bunk room for several years is to be demolished, thereby creating one large bunkroom.  I ask, is this Deja' vous?

Committee Meeting Dates for 1997 will be at 8.00pm, on the First Friday of each month.  No departure from this schedule is planned.

Unfortunately Rob Harper has resigned his post as Club Rescue Team Leader, and accordingly, if you are interested or can suggest someone else who fancies this position, please advise Hon. Secretary so it can be discussed at the next available meeting!

Similarity, Chris Smart has stated his intension not to stand again as Treasurer, so interested parties should make known their interest now.  Please take both of these notices as the" Official Club Notice"!

Jake-the-Rake?  Well, Jake of Barrow rake dig, reports with misty eyes that his dig is going!  Well, at least it is going down the dip, but perhaps the application of Dr. Nobels Linctus is the main culprit?

Regards, Nig. Taylor, Hon. Sec. 12th.January 1997.